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Traffic Packages :

1000,000 Traffic for 159$ (1 Million Traffic) 
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10,000,000 Traffic for 1579$ (10 Million Traffic)



Please be Note : You can set days for how long you want to receive Traffic You can provide many sites to split total traffic Here we will provide traffic 85% from USA or World wide. (If any other country please contact me before placing an order) YouTube Traffic will not be provided We will start and deliver all the orders within 24-72 hours with the Tracking Link and will be continued till the total traffic finish If there any issue in our traffic we will refund you 100% Traffic will not provide for Adult Sites, adfly, signup, affiliate links and drag sites Affiliate or Signup or Sales not guaranteed Bulk Order Available

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If you are an Adsense Publisher, chances that you want to increase your earning through more clicks. Sometimes it happens that you have good CTR, I mean you are getting good clicks from Adsense but your estimated earning is low. For example, you got 40 clicks and your estimated earning was $0.77! It’s really an unexpected. MAKE $50 FROM A ONE CLICK.. I have over 1,000,000 High Paying CPC, Adwords and Adsense Keywords

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1,000,000 High Paying CPC Adsense Keywords
500+ Top High Paying CPC Adsense Keywords
Best Responsive SEO Friendly Blogger Template

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Google Organic Search Engine Traffic Keyword Targeted (Max 5 Keywords Per 1 URL)
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Please be Note :

✔ Sending Traffic from your keywords. so you have to track all the details in your Google Analytics or Blog or Wordpress , etc... There is no way to provide tracking links for the Keyword targeted Traffic
✔ Definitely you will receive low bounce rate and high duration traffic. but if you buy more traffic from different sellers then it will also affect your google analytics. please be consider this
✔ If you want to track all the details only from your Google analytics please make sure you have correctly activated your google analytics code.
✔ We never provide Traffic to Redirect Links, Add Clicks Sites like Adfly and Signup Sites.
✔ You may receive sales but we never guaranteed because we can't fosse people actions.

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Traffic Sources:
✔custom Link ​We do not allow youtube link,adfly links or slowly loading sites

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